Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Latest News

So far this year we have enjoyed quite a bit around here!! I started two new classes (Accounting and Marketing) and Caleb has been sick. Daniel was slated to go to Afghanistan, but was then told that he was no longer needed. We were then in limbo with orders. Where are we going?? When can we leave?? We knew none of this - until today.

Depending on how much leave we take, we'll definitely be going to Beaufort, SC and will have to check in around Oct. 13th. Hopefully, this will put us leaving here (Okinawa, Japan) around mid-September. I'm not sure of the process in which Caleb and I will take because he needs to be enrolled into school long before this date. He'll be starting pre-school this year so we'll have to find one close to where we'll be living and make all the necessary arrangements. Daniel and I are also within a handful of classes from receiving our Associates Degree - which are in two very different fields. This is great - considering in how we've both taken about a year or so off since we've been here in Japan.

Caleb's also been asked to be in my aunt's wedding, so as of the end of March, we'll be looking for a flight to FL, then driving up to GA. Daniel starts his Sgt's course in April lasting through June, so I'm not 100% sure on how long Caleb and I will be staying in the states. Definitely until the end of May, but not sure other than that.

We've also planned a little trip before leaving this side of the world. We have decided that in March, after my classes end and before Caleb and I leave for the United States, we'll take a trip to Tokyo Disney. This isn't final yet, but should be finalized this weekend. We haven't told Caleb yet either, so I'm excited to get his response.

As for Caleb, he's doing much better lately. For those of you who didn't know, he's been sick for quite some time now. It has mostly been a cough and stuffy nose but now we're doing much better. This has been on-going since mid-September. He's still on about 5-6 different medications, but we finally have an antibiotic added in with the others which seems to be helping him. He's been diagnosed with mild asthma - which is basically caused by 'something.' I have no idea what that something is and won't really know. It's possible that it's dust or mold since Daniel is allergic to both, so that's the best guess we have. He doesn't get to where he can't breathe out of the blue, but he does start coughing (all types of coughs) and gets to where he either throws up or he has trouble breathing. For that we have two types of inhalers - one every day the other as needed. His nose has also been blocked for the longest time now and for that he has two types of nose sprays. One is prescription and the other is a basic saline nose spray. The blockage is mostly gone now, but we have to continue on with the medicine just in case. Because all of this is possibly 'allergy related' he's on Zyrtec and Singulair. To top it all off, we've just been put on Amoxicillin. I asked the doctor yesterday if he could be taken off any of the others and he said as of now no, because he's likely to get worse, but hopefully he can come off them soon. He also said that we should hopefully see a difference when we leave - so I'm looking forward to that. I feel so bad for him because he has so much going on. He even has a little planter's wart on his foot which I hear is pretty painful so we also have medicine for that!! Hopefully with the move that is coming up along with our trips, this stuff will get better and he can get back to being on no medication!!! Please just keep him in your thoughts and say a little prayer for him. He'll say his prayers at night and pray for his cough, throw-up, and everybody else in the whole world!! He's the sweetest thing and has one of the biggest hearts.

So, to start the new year, I'm one year older, we're moving again, and Caleb's finally getting better. We've been busy with tons here, but hopefully everyone else is doing well. We love you and miss you all and can't wait to get back to see everyone!!

I'll send pictures out later on!!