Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day 31: Chili Cook-off

We had a very lazy Saturday. In fact, I think we lounged around until we got dressed for the chili cook-off taking place at the Marine house. 

We fixed cornbread then headed over to have dinner and enjoy the night! 

Maddie had a great time running around and making friends and Caleb enjoyed playing ping pong and pool. Maddie adores the Marines and thankfully, they like her, too. They were great hanging out with her and looking out for her throughout the night. 

We had a great night talking with friends! 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Day 30: Bye, Bye Pappy

This morning started out with Madison losing her pacifier (pappy). I walked in to get her and she was standing up asking for it. I told her I couldn't find it, but knew today was the day to toss it since it was already lost. 

I found it later on and trashed it, and she did okay overall. She only uses it in her crib so I knew bedtimes would be harder. Naptime was a little harder than I had hoped for, but bedtime was great. She didn't even ask for it, which was huge! 

Caleb came home from school upset. He left his jacket at school on Wednesday (outside) and still cannot locate it. He also lost his beanie that he took today. So, 500 more points are back on the board!! He's grounded from all electronics until he earns more points. It's frustrating and I have no idea what to do at this point. So, we'll keep trying the point system. 

I think I'm getting another round of allergy crap because my head has been killing me lately. Hopefully it'll stop there and I'll be just fine tomorrow. 

Daniel had a good day at work and we're looking forward to a chili cook-off tomorrow. 

Please continue to pray for my aunt. She's still having tests done and has a long road ahead of her in recovery. 

Goodnight all. 
Playing with blocks this morning. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 29: Play Doh!

Today was basically the same until I went to pick Maddie up from daycare. She was playing with Play Doh and dancing to music. Totally in the zone. I asked her if she was ready to come home and she replied, "no, no." That's her typical answer to most things, but never to coming home. She's usually excited and screaming, "bye, bye" as she runs out of the door, but today she had her hands and her body moving all around to the music. 

The teacher put Maddie's favorite song on and she moved her arms and shook her little body. The teacher said she had been in there playing with Play Doh for close to an hour. When she tried to get Maddie and another little girl to do something else, Maddie threw a fit. So, she continued to play with it until I picked her up (screaming and all) and took her home. 

She calmed down immediately and after nap time she got to play with more Play Doh at the house. She was very excited!
Caleb even helped her out by making a few creations. 

The night went well. Daniel and I spent a few hours figuring out "weird math" aka statistics then went to bed. I've never hated one subject so much. Math, great. English, great. Mix the two to create random probabilities? No thanks. 

Anyways, it's over until next week, so maybe we can enjoy some family time this weekend. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day 28: Back to the Real World

This morning started off great. Caleb had plenty of time and was out the door as soon as the bus arrived. Madison slept in until 7:30 then got up demanding yogurt. 

Daniel left for work and had a pretty busy day. I caught up on school work and all that fun stuff. 

Once Caleb got home he announced that he had some bad news; he had left his jacket behind. Good news though, he knew where he left it: outside on the playground. With the rain and snow mixture, I'm sure his jacket will be nice and warm IF he finds it. I'm at a complete loss with this kid. He forgets everything! 

Madison decided to be a handful tonight and colored all over her hand with markers. I took them away, told her no, and let her play with something else. Later, I gave them back and she went back to coloring on the whiteboard (easel). Then she was gone. She drew all over the coffee table and a couch pillow. Thankfully, it's dry erase marker and should come off of the pillow. It wiped right off the table. Again, trouble. Well, in the midst of cooking dinner, I pulled the easel near the kitchen and she still managed to draw all over her arm and hand. Can we say defiant? 
She clearly needed a new look. 
She loves plain spaghetti noodles. She'd pick one up, say, "yay" then slurp it down. She and Caleb ate great tonight!

This is how she watched tv at the end of the night. 

Overall, we had a pretty good day. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as good if not better!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 27: Back to Warsaw

This morning we ate a big breakfast at our hotel then left in a taxi for the train station. We took our first train that lasted about 1 1/2 hours. The views were priceless. We may retire somewhere like this one day!
We rode our next train to the airport with a few minor delays. As much as we ask for help being the "foreigners," we definitely have to pay it forward when we get back to America. 

On the flight, Maddie fell asleep before we ever took off. She woke up when we landed. Perfection. 
We had a great time in Garmisch, Germany and can't wait to go back. We both agreed that the next time we take a trip like that it needs to be for a longer amount of time.

We also used most types of transportation today. Taxi, train, metro "train," bus, plane and car. Glad to have made it back with all of our luggage!!

Also, my aunt is still on the mend. She had a 7 hour surgery yesterday and is in a lot of pain today. She's strong and will get through this, I just wished that I was closer to help. But in the meantime, she has some pretty great people helping her stay as comfortable as possible. 

Goodnight all. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 26: More Skiing

Today I was able to hit the slopes with Caleb in ski school. We were separated the entire day but I was able to see bits and pieces of his group. 

On the way up to one of the "bunny slopes" I was able to see some amazing views. God's beauty simply amazes me. 

I met Daniel, Maddie, and Caleb back at the ski lodge and we played in the snow for a few minutes while we waited on the shuttle. 
This little one loves eating the snow!
Caleb lost at the snow fight. He was covered in snow!!!
We loved skiing and had a great night relaxing. Tomorrow will be a busy travel day for us. 

Goodnight all!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Day 25: Ski/Pool Day

This morning the boys took off to ski while Maddie and I hung around the lodge. Garmisch, Germany is pretty (from what little I've seen) and the snow was falling like crazy today!!

The sites for them:
Daniel reported that Caleb did a great job and really seemed to enjoy skiing. He can't wait to go again tomorrow. Daniel had fun and only wiped out a couple of times. He said he was proud of that!

Maddie and I found the buffet for breakfast and ate with a stranger. We then found the pool, then back to the room for a nap. She loved jumping up and down in the water!! 
The lighting was horrible but Madison loved Caleb swimming with her. She would laugh when he came up from underneath the water. We ventured outside to the hot tub, too. That was pretty nice!!

Back to the room for showers, homework (happy birthday to me) and bed! 
She put this hat on then stood in front of the mirror holding her hands. She's so funny. 
She finally gave in and took a nap! Hopefully she'll find this position again soon since it's 11PM and she's walking around her crib. 

Also, please keep my Aunt Janet in your thoughts and prayers. She's having another surgery tomorrow and has a very long road ahead of her. Thanks!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Day 24: Airplane and Train Fun

We were able to sleep in a little bit this morning and came down to Caleb working towards more points. He was in the office writing letters, and I assure you, he despised every minute of it. 

He began earning points yesterday once he got home from school. Without being prompted, he began looking at what he could do. It took a full day for him to get to that point, but he got there!

During the day he tallied up each set of points. Finally, he hit the magic number! He even went over it!

Daniel and I were relieved because we had travel plans later that day. We hoped he would earn his points before we left so he would get his iPad back. He did! 

We planned a trip a little while ago to Garmisch, Germany. We will hopefully be skiing at some point during this trip, so we were excited to get on with the day. 

Airport and airplane fun...
Thankfully the plane only had 37 passengers so we were each able to get our own seat away from everyone else!! That made the flight the best I've ever had!
Not sure why Caleb is so excited here...
We had to fly above the clouds in order to see some of the sun. Beautiful sunset. 

This is how we fly, folks. 
Some passengers are lucky enough to close their eyes and doze off. Unfortunately, I'm rarely one of those "lucky ones." 
This little one is hilarious. She did great overall. She watched movies, played with the iPad, and loved on her flamingo, "Nancy." 

Once we arrived at the airport we had to find the train's ticket counter. We found it, and quickly learned they were closed. Thankfully there was a kiosk and a guy to help manage it. Caleb said he looked like Obama, lol.
Train ticket kiosk. 
Outside of the airport. It was pretty cool. It was open yet covered like a dome (think Football arena). 
Outside again. 
Coolest. Thing. Ever. This is an "ordering kiosk" at McDonald's. We were able to place our order in English and pay with a card. Zero interaction with staff (until we picked up the food). Hallelujah! 

We then boarded our first train, stayed on for about 45 minutes, then boarded the second train where we spent an hour and a half. Fun. Times. 
First train.
Second train. 
The train stops listed on the train table. 

Once we arrived, we had to take a cab a few miles to the resort. We finally made it to our lodge. Hopefully, one of us will enjoy the snow tomorrow while the other enjoys the pool. 
"Caution wet floor" I assume. 
The lodge at night. 

Now that we are here Maddie is "attempting" to go to sleep. She's jumping around in her crib so it's going to be a long night. 

Although we are here, a member of my family is going through quite a bit right now. Please keep a that member in your thoughts and prayers. It's not my place to release details or discuss what's going on, but please say an unspoken prayer request for this matter. Thanks in advance. 

Goodnight all. Much love.