Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 2: Games and Fun

Tonight we played in Maddie's kitchen and enjoyed some of her colorful ice-cream, enjoyed actual food (leftovers) with great conversations, then sat and played a game for a while. 

Madison received a play kitchen for Christmas. She loves playing with all of the bowls and the utensils that go along with it. She really enjoys sticking things in your face and telling you the color or name of said object. Most of the time she will not go away until you repeat what she wants you to. Caleb is learning to entertain her quirkiness. 

At dinner we discussed random topics. We have a small cube that contains "Conversation Starters" (Family Edition) and we talked through those for well over an hour. It was great hearing some of the answers Caleb would come up with and others Daniel and I would have to figure out how to answer. 

One of the topics that came up was, "What would be the first thing you would do if you were President of the United States?" Caleb's immediate answer was talk to his people. He would want to know who he would be working with and ultimately who would be working for him. Daniel thought the White House should have a fountain that squirted out chocolate syrup only. I like to think there is a hidden book of secrets, so clearly, that's what I would be most interested in. Obviously, none of us are quite sure what we would do if we possessed so much power, but we are completely content with our answers. Other topics included, "if you would ever travel to outer space" and "if you could speak to one ancestor who would it be?" There are a lot of fun topics to discuss, so we enjoyed chatting for a bit. 

After we put Maddie to bed, we decided to play a game of Blokus. This is a game that Caleb received for Christmas from his aunt and we are a little addicted to it. Daniel and I love it because it's a mind game (but not too much thinking - more of a running puzzle with Tetris pieces) and Caleb loves it because he's playing a game with adults. :)

Overall we had a pretty lazy but fun day!! 

She started out coming to Daniel to push Caleb away. She didn't like it that Caleb was lying on his legs. However, once she sat down Daniel told her to get Caleb. Once she started smacking at his head, they all started laughing. Such a sweet moment.


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