Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day 13: Grumpy Gus

Today started off pretty well. I woke up feeling SO much better and Caleb got up with no problems. Before Caleb left for school Madison woke up and asked to see "Gee-Duh" her version of Caleb. 

After the morning cuddling and regular routine of things, Madison and I went to playgroup which was hosted at a neighbor's house. We've missed a few weeks of playing due to many different reasons, but we finally made it and she was pretty grumpy overall. She's definitely trying to figure out her boundaries. She also has a little bit of separation anxiety lately so that didn't help. Overall, we had a wonderful time, but as soon as playgroup was over it was naptime! Unfortunately, the nap didn't last too long. 

Madison slept for a bit but she did not get all of her nap out. Since the sun was out shining I tried to take her on a walk to soak some of it in. But, she refused to walk, so I came back home with her. I'm fine being outside, but not when I have to carry around an extra 30 pounds!

I think her hat may be a bit too small. 
This morning when she was snacking on blueberries. Thanks Aunt Tara for some adorable clothes!
Telling me the colors of markers: green, red, yellow and black. 

Our day has been a combination of things, but her grumpy attitude has not been a fun one.  

Madison had a friend come over for a few hours this evening and she did pretty well playing and sharing. Caleb loved having another toddler in the house and made it his goal to be the comedian for everyone. He was great with them. 
Caleb also practiced more of his lines for his play. He's excited, as are we! I can't wait to see him in it. 

More great news came in later this evening when my cousin's tests came back good. He has been in the hospital for one week now. He had to get a feeding tube to stay nourished. He's had quite the battle to face but he has a pretty strong mama by his side keeping it all together, even when she feels like she's not. I have a pretty incredible family that I love and miss a lot. 

As for everyone else in our house, we're good and ready for tomorrow. Goodnight from Poland!

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