Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day 1: Happy New Year!!

     This year one of my many resolutions is to start writing on my blog again. I am hopeful that I will get at least a few posts in! With all of our travel plans, this will be a good way to look back over the year (next year) and it will be much easier to keep track of our journey this way!  
     We are now living in Poland (fun, right?) and are far away from family and friends. I try to post a lot on Facebook to keep most of our family and friends updated, but I find myself opening up my Facebook app then losing 20 minutes of my day. Doing that multiple times each day creates havoc in my schedule and I find myself losing valuable time. That time is better spent playing with my children instead of seeing what the newest decoration is in someone's home or what the latest person has done in their life. I do enjoy looking at photos and catching up with our family and friends, but the majority of the time, that is not what I use Facebook for. I get on and essentially waste time. No bueno. 

     This is what leads to another resolution: spend less time on electronics and be present each day. Hopefully, I will get into the habit of leaving my phone in inconvenient areas (aka out of reach) and instead "scheduling" time for myself to waste on various websites later on. I miss spending time enjoying my husband and kids and would rather be involved in an activity with them instead of just coexisting with them. I want to be an active part of their lives instead of being in the same room. Both are very different and it is something I need to fix immediately. 

     The kids are growing at a rapid rate and Madison will be two in February. Caleb just turned nine and we celebrated his birthday in Brussels, Belgium.  I'm so glad he is at the age where we can take birthday trips instead of having parties!! We all love to travel, so it is a win/win for each of us. 

       As 2015 begins we thank God that we are still around for another day. We are thankful to have one another and to be in a wonderful place with amazing friends. We miss our family terribly and think of you all daily. Happy New Years family and friends!! God bless!!!