Monday, April 27, 2009

Pictures on the Railroad Tracks

These pictures were taken by my cousin Lynn. She did such an amazing job!! She took Caleb off to the side and had him changed into a pair of my cousin's overalls. Caleb enjoyed playing with the rocks mostly, but around that she was able to take some great pictures. Afterwards, we went to play in the little park there and Caleb also got to slide a little. Once we were finished with that we went and sat in the grass so Lynn could take a few pictures of the both of us. Caleb enjoyed picking on me and running wild. We were able to take a few good shots as he was climbing all over me. She tried to get him to lie down beside me, but he decided to lie on my back instead. Either way, they turned out great and we had a blast.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Caleb spelling his name!

Caleb has been able to spell his name for a little bit now, so the other night in the bathtub I gave him enough letters for it and he spelled it out. He's so funny with it all. He had done it a few times already so once I started recording him he started being a little silly. Here's the video and I also put a link to the same video underneath this one just in case the pixels and all don't come out that great.

Here's a few pictures from the same night.

Caleb swimming in the pool

While we were staying at Daniel's mom's house, Caleb thought he needed to go swimming in the covered swimming pool. The fence was up and all he could do was ask and try and find a way to the edge of the water. He just wanted to put his feet in...right!!! He finally got his Nana to give in so she told him once Poppy was done with the yard work he could put his feet in. Thankfully, it was only a solar cover over the water so it was just lying there. We were able to fold the cover back and Caleb was able to put his feet in and stand up on the step. He did that and kept wanting to ease more and more in. Next thing you know he's covered in water and wanting to go under, so of course before we did all of that I was able to get a small video clip of him playing. Mind you...the water was so COLD! It wasn't unbearable but it sure did take some getting use to. He had fun regardless so it was worth it all. Hope you enjoy the clip!!

The video didn't turn out that well because of the size it had to "convert" to so if you want a better view try this link:

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Sunday

Caleb had a great Easter. We started off by opening his basket and getting lots of candy (after breakfast of course) which he enjoyed and ate more than enough of. He got so much stuff! A movie, candy, books, underwear and socks, cookies, and plenty much more. He also got a Little Einsteins computer and that was his favorite by far. Anyways, here's a few pictures from all of that...

Easter basket
Already eating the candy from his Easter basket.

Being silly

His favorite gift of all, his Little Einsteins computer.
The next few pictures are of Caleb about to start hunting eggs. He was so excited about going out and getting to participate this year because last year he had a broken arm and only got to hunt a few eggs around the house in Okinawa. It was a lot of fun to be around family again and being part of another Easter celebration. We also got a few family photos that were long overdue.
Getting ready to hunt the eggs.

He kept opening all the eggs that he'd find and try and get the candy out instead of putting them in his basket.
All of the eggs and goodies that he found.

Papa and Nanny (from GA) with Caleb

My mom, myself, Caleb, and my dad

Just smiling...
Here are two videos from that day. You can follow the links to see them.
Part 1 clip:
**You can also view Caleb opening his Easter basket from the same sight you just have to look at the videos that I've posted so far and it'll be labeled.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Caleb at the Disney show

I know I've already posted a ton about the Disney trip. Well, here's a clip from that day. We were waiting on the show to start back up and you can see how exhausted Caleb is. This was right before the music party began, so he was excited about that. Anyways, here's a little look at that day.

Disney LIVE

Caleb and I went, last weekend, to a Disney Playhouse LIVE show in Charlotte, NC. I had my classes that Friday and Saturday so I let Caleb stay with my aunt Friday night. I picked him up Saturday night and had already planned to surprise him with tickets for us to go and see some of his favorite characters the next day on stage. As you all know, he's an Einstein nut. He's loved Baby Einstein forever now, and has recently added a few new favorites to his list. As of last year he started watching Little Einstein and became a fan fast. Now, he's really into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Mickey, at the moment, is by far his favorite. He's watched so much Mickey Mouse over the last few days, he could probably quote you every line from the few shows he's seen. He's also watched a little bit of Winnie the Pooh and Handy Manny but neither of those last longer than five minutes. All of the four shows (as well as the characters that go with each) were at the Disney Playhouse LIVE show. When we got there we got a few toys and snacks and found our seats. That place was pretty packed so we sat down just in time!! Caleb was so focused on the show and with what all was happening he refused to smile for the camera or talk to me about what he was thinking. It started with one show and rotated through until they all met up at a music party at the end. He was the most excited about Little Einstein and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The others were just okay. Anyways, here are some pictures of our exciting day. He didn't get much sleep the night before so he was so tired during the show and lasted no time once we got in the truck.

Caleb staying focused.

Rocket from Little Einstein comes out.

The audience was asked to help pat their legs to help Rocket take off.

After all of that patting you had to hold your hands up high and yell "blast off"!

Tigger and Pooh

Handy Manny talking to his tools.

Playing with his baton which lit up and possibly trying to fake a smile on me.

Smiling for the camera.

His reaction when he saw Mickey Mouse start up.

Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey, and Minnie

All the characters dancing to the music that each other brought for the music party.

Caleb playing his trumpet in the truck. One of the things from Little Einstein.

Caleb lasted maybe 5 minutes after we stopped and got lunch. He almost finished his apples.

Outside boy...

Caleb is PURE boy. He LOVES to stay outside and loves his sticks and rocks. Anytime that he finds a small stick he'll call it a "baby stick" and a bigger stick is either "mama or daddy stick". Most of the smaller limbs/sticks that fall, he'll hold up to his head and call himself a reindeer or it'll be a reindeer stick. He's so funny with all of the stuff that he finds. He'll pick up pecans and acorns and he'll NEED to throw them in some water somewhere. I'm not sure why he thinks he has to do this but rocks or sticks or anything in general has to get wet. He'll find some of the dogs water, or just puddles in general and go nuts. I'll try and get him to come in at other times for lunch or a break and of course he'll tell me that he's playing, so other words no, or not now mom...I'm busy. It's been rainy lately so these pics were taken a week or so ago, but he still does those same things. Enjoy the pics below.
Caleb "digging" into the tree

Daddy and Caleb spraying with the water hose to knock stuff down.

Throwing rocks and sticks into the water through the the dogs...

Just playing with the water hose and water pressure.

Swinging from the of his favorites.