Monday, April 20, 2009

Caleb swimming in the pool

While we were staying at Daniel's mom's house, Caleb thought he needed to go swimming in the covered swimming pool. The fence was up and all he could do was ask and try and find a way to the edge of the water. He just wanted to put his feet in...right!!! He finally got his Nana to give in so she told him once Poppy was done with the yard work he could put his feet in. Thankfully, it was only a solar cover over the water so it was just lying there. We were able to fold the cover back and Caleb was able to put his feet in and stand up on the step. He did that and kept wanting to ease more and more in. Next thing you know he's covered in water and wanting to go under, so of course before we did all of that I was able to get a small video clip of him playing. Mind you...the water was so COLD! It wasn't unbearable but it sure did take some getting use to. He had fun regardless so it was worth it all. Hope you enjoy the clip!!

The video didn't turn out that well because of the size it had to "convert" to so if you want a better view try this link:

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