Saturday, April 11, 2009

Outside boy...

Caleb is PURE boy. He LOVES to stay outside and loves his sticks and rocks. Anytime that he finds a small stick he'll call it a "baby stick" and a bigger stick is either "mama or daddy stick". Most of the smaller limbs/sticks that fall, he'll hold up to his head and call himself a reindeer or it'll be a reindeer stick. He's so funny with all of the stuff that he finds. He'll pick up pecans and acorns and he'll NEED to throw them in some water somewhere. I'm not sure why he thinks he has to do this but rocks or sticks or anything in general has to get wet. He'll find some of the dogs water, or just puddles in general and go nuts. I'll try and get him to come in at other times for lunch or a break and of course he'll tell me that he's playing, so other words no, or not now mom...I'm busy. It's been rainy lately so these pics were taken a week or so ago, but he still does those same things. Enjoy the pics below.
Caleb "digging" into the tree

Daddy and Caleb spraying with the water hose to knock stuff down.

Throwing rocks and sticks into the water through the the dogs...

Just playing with the water hose and water pressure.

Swinging from the of his favorites.

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