Saturday, June 27, 2009

Father's Day

This Father's Day was a lot of fun, and we all had a really great time! We started off with breakfast (the boys did I wasn't feeling so great) and we then started getting ready for our day. We got dressed and Caleb helped Daniel open up his gifts. We picked out a few books for Daniel and earlier that week Daniel picked out some new clothes he'd been wanting to get. We're debating on getting a Wii which would also be a part of Father's Day but we'll see.

Later on that afternoon we went to our friend's house and had a BBQ and walked on the beach. We also played some cards and hung out for a few hours. Daniel got his haircut, and we were off back to the house to get ready for bed. All in all we had a great day and a really good time.

Daniel and Caleb eating their breakfast.

Daniel's breakfast (eggs, bacon, grits, and apple slices) with a glass of milk. Also notice the salt shaker within arms reach!!

Daniel reading his card from Caleb. Caleb had to wear his bike helmet for some reason.

Daniel's Father's Day flowers, present, and cards.

Caleb and Daddy opening the other card.

Caleb and Daddy opening a present.
Books we picked out for daddy.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Caleb and his Continents

This is a video of Caleb from this morning answering questions about the continents. I started doing this yesterday morning with him and within 30 minutes later he knew it all everything that I asked him. I only threw a few at him to begin with, so we'll have more to come sooner than later, hopefully. He's such a smart boy and retains SO MUCH! We really are blessed to have such an amazing little boy that is so well rounded and happy. Enjoy the video!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Caleb and I went to the pool this past Thursday. He is such a little water bug - still!! He LOVES the water and can't get enough. I went ahead and signed him up for swimming lessons, so wish us luck. We'll start on June 29th around 915 in the morning, and it'll be for about 2 weeks or so. The lessons are only 25 minutes so that gets us going in the morning before daycare, lol. I'll post pictures and videos when that time comes. Our little boy is growing up so fast!! Where does all the time go?? I'm sure you all know exactly what I mean, but we're definitely enjoying Caleb's personality and everything he does that makes him truly unique. Love you and miss you all!! Happy Father's Day to all the daddys!

Girls Night

My friend Donna recently had a birthday so she had a BBQ at her house during the day and later that night all of the girls went out. We had some dinner and danced some and made it an early night because we had church the next morning. We've been visiting and actually found a place we seem to like so far - Koza Baptist, and that's where most of these girls go. Anyways, here's some snapshots throughout our evening.

Donna the birthday girl

Debbie and me before the BBQ

All of the girls that went out that night. For some reason the tallest girls got put in the front.

Caleb and me after church at "Uncle Mike's and Aunt Debbie's house" playing some golf which is a card game that Daniel and I have become very addicted too!!! This is usually what we do each Sunday after church and the guys get haircuts later that same day because Deb is a hairdresser and can do it quick and for free, lol. Caleb also enjoys keeping his hair short right now too. Usually when daddy gets his done, Caleb needs one too!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Playing Around

Here's some pictures of Caleb playing on the playground by the house. Daniel was grilling some hotdogs so we played while he fixed supper. Caleb loves playing on everything and does really well when other small kids are around him. Here are some from us doing random things that day.

One of the few planes that always fly by our house.

Dressing Up

These pictures were taken on Memorial Day. Caleb was still sick but wanted to put on Daniels stuff because he had duty the night before and had to get dressed up in a uniform and walk around all night. Fun right? Anyways, Caleb found the hat and shoes and had to wear them. Too cute. He still wasn't feeling the best, but he tried to smile for me. Enjoy!

ER Visit...

Here are some pictures of Caleb in one of our few ER visits on Memorial Day weekend.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Dancing from Caleb

Here are a few more videos of our little "copycat". He's hilarious!!

This next one is of Caleb trying to clog. Too cute!

Anniversary Dinner with Friends

Our friends, Kim and Brian, had a dinner for their anniversary so we have pictures from us getting ready and going out with them. It was nice to dress up and go out with a lot of people we don't get to see much. We had a great time but that was also the night before Caleb got really sick (Thursday night before Memorial Day weekend). Here's the post - finally, lol.

My friend Kim and I

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dancing Around

Here are two videos of Caleb dancing along with the contestents of "So You Think You Can Dance." We get it on Saturday and Sunday nights and happened to catch the end of the show one night. Caleb LOVES to dance (I'm assuming that's from Tara, lol) and does pretty good at playing "copycat". Just wanted to share with everyone. I'll post more videos of him dancing in a bit. Sorry it's been a while.