Sunday, June 21, 2009

Girls Night

My friend Donna recently had a birthday so she had a BBQ at her house during the day and later that night all of the girls went out. We had some dinner and danced some and made it an early night because we had church the next morning. We've been visiting and actually found a place we seem to like so far - Koza Baptist, and that's where most of these girls go. Anyways, here's some snapshots throughout our evening.

Donna the birthday girl

Debbie and me before the BBQ

All of the girls that went out that night. For some reason the tallest girls got put in the front.

Caleb and me after church at "Uncle Mike's and Aunt Debbie's house" playing some golf which is a card game that Daniel and I have become very addicted too!!! This is usually what we do each Sunday after church and the guys get haircuts later that same day because Deb is a hairdresser and can do it quick and for free, lol. Caleb also enjoys keeping his hair short right now too. Usually when daddy gets his done, Caleb needs one too!

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