Saturday, June 27, 2009

Father's Day

This Father's Day was a lot of fun, and we all had a really great time! We started off with breakfast (the boys did I wasn't feeling so great) and we then started getting ready for our day. We got dressed and Caleb helped Daniel open up his gifts. We picked out a few books for Daniel and earlier that week Daniel picked out some new clothes he'd been wanting to get. We're debating on getting a Wii which would also be a part of Father's Day but we'll see.

Later on that afternoon we went to our friend's house and had a BBQ and walked on the beach. We also played some cards and hung out for a few hours. Daniel got his haircut, and we were off back to the house to get ready for bed. All in all we had a great day and a really good time.

Daniel and Caleb eating their breakfast.

Daniel's breakfast (eggs, bacon, grits, and apple slices) with a glass of milk. Also notice the salt shaker within arms reach!!

Daniel reading his card from Caleb. Caleb had to wear his bike helmet for some reason.

Daniel's Father's Day flowers, present, and cards.

Caleb and Daddy opening the other card.

Caleb and Daddy opening a present.
Books we picked out for daddy.

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