Friday, February 27, 2015

Day 58: Changes Are Coming

Today started off pretty well. Everyone got off to where they needed to be. I walked over to daycare with Maddie and she loved seeing her friends. 

I came back home and took care of a few things. Around lunchtime I received a call that I got the job I had applied for at the embassy. Soon, I'll be the secretary for the political and economical section. I'm excited to begin this journey. 

After lunch I visited with a good friend. We had a lot of catching up to do, so it was a much needed visit!

Daniel worked late tonight so I ordered pizza for all of us. Let's be honest though, I was ordering pizza regardless of how late Daniel worked!

Caleb also learned today that he doesn't get to pick and choose which homework assignments he completes. He chose to ignore a 3 week journal project and it was never turned in. The teacher contacted me about this, so I talked to Caleb. He simply did not want to do it, so he didn't. Well, now he's doing a different writing assignment at school and he's completing the journal for me. He'll turn the journal in in three weeks along with a letter of apology. 

We relaxed this evening, ate pizza, goofed off, watched too much TV, and played on electronics. We all got to relax and enjoy our Friday night the way we wanted. It was nice. 
This was Maddie shushing me. Hilarious. 

We're also very thankful that a special person pulled through an outpatient surgery today. It's hard being so far away sometimes. 

Goodnight all. 

Day 57: A Ball of Energy

One guess who the title refers to. If you guessed my daughter, you would be correct. Maddie woke up around 6:30 this morning and was pretty grumpy. She ran around, played, and ate a lot of food. 
Maddie and I played with the kitchen set, the velcro food set she has, and read books. We also watched Mickey Mouse when he came on and she ate a great lunch. 

She went down a little after 12 and slept for a couple of hours, then she woke up ready to go! 
Throughout the day she's helped me rearrange numerous drawers and she's brought me a lot of things off of the entry table. 
The funniest thing was Maddie picking her baby doll up then saying pee pee potty. I heard her say those words then it registered to me that she was taking her baby to pee pee on the potty. Thankfully, I saved the baby from going swimming. I placed the baby on the seat then told the baby good job. Maddie then clapped Her hands and took the baby doll back and kissed her on the head. It was so precious watching that side of Maddie. She took the baby to potty a few more times throughout the night. We caught her each time then helped her with the baby. 

When Caleb got home he read then played with Maddie a bit. They ended up in the basement watching Looney Toons. 

We enjoyed a good dinner, baths, then bed. The kids always go to bed so well. I couldn't ask for better children, especially at bedtime. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 56: She Loves Her Brother

This morning Maddie was up and going before 7. Not her usual. Not my usual. 

The boys made it off to school and work and I took Maddie to daycare. She played peek-a-boo with her teacher then leapt out of my arms to her. She then said, "bye, bye Mama." I'm so glad she enjoys being there. It definitely makes it easier on me knowing she's taken care of. 

When I picked Maddie up she was cutting paper with scissors. The teacher asked if Maddie was left handed. I told her that she tries to be and uses it more than her right hand. She then told me that she would start setting up for her left hand so projects are easier for her. Thanks U.M. and Leann! ;) 

Once Caleb was home, Maddie was still napping. Caleb went to play at a friend's house then came back about an hour or so later. Maddie woke up shortly after he left and she started with roll call. She asked for Caleb and I told her that he wasn't home yet. She then enjoyed a snack on the counter as I cut vegetables. 

Caleb got back a little later and sat down then Maddie walked up holding her shoes and said, "gee-duh, outside?" 

They've been playing outside together the last few days and she wanted to do that again. He smiled at her then took her out to play. It started to rain so they both came in, but she loves playing with her brother. Deep down, I think Caleb loves it too!

The night passed by too quickly and the kiddos went to bed. Now it's time for homework then hopefully some rest. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 55: A Box of Home

Maddie and I hung out for a bit this morning before I took her to daycare. She demanded candy for breakfast and I kept telling her "no." Finally, she looks away from the candy dish and says, "cookies!" I then replied with, "no" and she lost it again. Later she calmed down and ate yogurt. 

She had a good day at daycare and took a little nap there. I woke her up when I went to get her and she was such a grouch. I guess I would be too though if I didn't get my nap out. 

Caleb had a great day at school and did a few things in his outreach club. The club is working with the Warsaw Mission so I'm excited he can be a part of that. 

Daniel finally came home and we hung out with the kiddos. Daniel would tickle Maddie and she would say "tickle" copying his words. Later in the night Daniel kissed her neck and she told him, "that tickles." It was the cutest thing. 

Caleb was so happy to get a small piece of home. He's been very homesick lately and misses his friends. So his friend Jaxen sent him some special goodies and a letter. 

Maddie loves it when Caleb pushes her around in the laundry basket, box, baby doll stroller, you name it. So after he opened the box of goodies he tossed the box on the floor. She then does this and starts screaming out grunts and her pronunciation of Caleb's name, "Gee-Duh."
We laughed so hard because it was so precious. Caleb attempted to slide her around but didn't have much luck. 

Day 54: Fun Times

Today Maddie and I spent the morning with our friends making cards to send to US troops and veterans. The kids had a blast and the moms ate entirely too many sweets. I loved every bite. 
She loved this rocking chair. 

Caleb came home from school in a great mood. He enjoyed his day and made a few new friends. 

While I cooked dinner Caleb took Maddie outside to play. He did so great with her. They played for at least thirty minutes and no one came in with tears. Yes!

At bedtime, Maddie was sitting on my lap and grabbed both mine and Caleb's face and pulled it into hers. She wanted us to kiss her cheeks. We'd do it then pull away and she'd pull us right back in. It was so precious!

We all had a great start to the week. Looking forward to more things tomorrow. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 53: Back to Normal - Kind of

This morning was kind of a slow morning for us all. We all slept in just a bit and stayed in pajamas as late as possible.
Maddie enjoyed her new table. She can color and control her playdoh much better from this area. This was one of our IKEA purchases yesterday. Table was with a huge discount!
Around lunchtime I went to a few stores with a friend. I hadn't been to the area she mentioned and wanted to get a few things, so I tagged along. She was going for some pots and I needed to look for some as well. Luckily, I found a few that I wanted. Maybe later I can go back and add to my collection. I loved the stainless steel and I couldn't believe how heavy the pots were.
I forgot to picture my frying pan (it's ceramic - so a little different).

I also forgot to post a picture from yesterday. I'm in love with the glass I found at a store close by. And, it was cheap! I looked up the items online and I got a great deal on everything. Kate Spade wine glasses at a huge discount? Done! The other two pieces will be for random items. One is currently holding cookies. 
When I got home Maddie was waiting by the door for me. She greeted me with, "Mama!" then ran and gave me kisses. That little girl can be so sweet when she wants.

Caleb hasn't been feeling the best so he rested a lot today. He took some medicine earlier in the morning and felt a little better afterwards, but still felt a little uneasy. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for him.

Daniel was a rockstar and helped me figure out my homework for statistics. I think I would have dropped this class long ago if it weren't for him. I have a million things to do for school over the next two weeks, but after the two weeks I'll have a very small break (one week) before it all starts over again.

All in all our day was pretty good and it definitely felt like we were getting back into a normal routine. The laundry is mostly caught up and the chores are never fully complete - but things are mostly done. Besides breaking down a million boxes, we're doing pretty well after being gone for most of the week.

As I write this please note that it's well after 1 AM (I stayed up late to write a paper) so I apologize for any brevity and/or misspellings. My fingers and eyes are both tired.

Goodnight all!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day 52: Shopping!

This morning we decided to go to Ikea for a few things that we needed (and wanted). We didn't find all of what we were looking for, but we found a cute bed that we may get Madison when she transitions out of her crib. 

The kids weren't the greatest in the store. Caleb wasn't feeling very well and wanted to rest every time we passed a chair, and Maddie only wanted to walk. We let her down near the toys and it was a battle to get her out of there. Finally we got a bigger buggy and she sat in it just fine. Of course playing my phone may have helped her, too. 

Near the end of the trip, Maddie fell asleep on my shoulder. She doesn't do this often, so it's the sweetest thing when she does. I love her sweet snuggles. 

She woke up as we were putting her in the car and stayed in a pretty good mood. I bought a package of cookies from Ikea and Maddie would say, "cookie please." When I'd reach back to give her one she'd reply with, "thank you, Mommy." I can't get over how fast she's growing. 

We got back home and unpacked the few items we got, and then I went to another store to look around. It was nice to just get out for a bit. 

When I got back Maddie was waking up from her nap. Once she was up we FaceTimed with Rhonda and Kim. Maddie said hey to her Nana but she lights up and laughs when she sees her Poppy. He usually makes some sort of animal sound and she starts bouncing all around. She's so funny. 

We went to dinner and it was actually better than we thought it would be. We all had Mexican (or close to it) and enjoyed being out of the house. Once we left we went home. 

After showers and baths, I called and talked to my Daddy for a little bit to catch up on the day to day. Maddie said hey and bye a couple of times and kept screaming out animal names and sounds. Caleb got to talk to him and tell him about whatever he wanted. I think they talked about skiing but who really knows. I was trying to keep Maddie out of the loud toys. 

It is always so nice talking to our families. We always feel a little more connected and like we're part of their world. Perhaps I can get into a better habit of calling a little more than I do. 

These pictures are from Maddie and Caleb playing tonight. 

We're hoping for another beautiful day tomorrow. Goodnight world. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Day 51: Sweet Girl

This morning Daniel had to go back to the real world while the rest of us slept in. Madison woke up around 9 and Caleb was up around 10:30. I'm glad they were able to sleep in for a bit.

Madison went to daycare today and Caleb and I took Daniel lunch.

The day was fairly uneventful, but we were able to get some things done around the house and a good bit of laundry done.

Maddie has gotten in the habit of repeating everything, but also surprising us with a few words here and there. Tonight she was being so loud and I asked her to be quiet. She replied with, "love you, mommy." I told her I loved her too and gave her some kisses. She is definitely a sweet little girl when she wants to be. Sometimes that isn't the case, especially with Caleb.

Maddie also requested that I paint her fingernail pink. She says the color she wants (I have the bottles of polish out on her dresser) then points to her fingernail. So, while she relaxed this evening, I was able to paint her finger nails and toe nails. I painted one nail in her room before coming downstairs where I finished up the rest later on.
I did a lot of statistic homework this evening and decided that I am never going to take another statistics class (or that's my plan). If I need another one, I may look into changing degree plans! 

On a much happier note, my aunt was released from rehab today and was sent home. She'll be staying with my other aunt for a little while, but I'm so glad she was able to leave. God is good!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 50: Goodbye Zakopane

Sadly, we left Zakopane today. But, we made a few more memories before departing. 

This morning began with breakfast at the hotel. We then packed up the car, put on all of our cold gear, then walked to a nearby area filled with snow activities. 

We started out by going snow tubing. You get carried up to the top as you sit on an innertube, then you go down a fun and curvy slide. The adults and the kids loved it. 
Next, the younger boys rode snowmobiles. They had a lot of fun, but the track was very small and the time limit was pretty quick for each one. 

We then walked over to the ice castle and the boys went inside to look around. It was fun and very slippery! The girls hung back and talked a bit. 

We then walked back to the hotel, said our goodbyes, and got on the road. We had the best time this trip and I truly believe it's because we had friends with us. Don't get me wrong, we had family time and enjoyed that as well, but there was just a lot of time where Maddie and I would have been lost and bored had we not had great company. 

We had a long and eventful drive back. As we were driving the kids were eating snacks. At that point, Maddie decided to stick an entire Belvita wafer cookie in her mouth and she started gagging. I reached back, got the cookie and other pieces out, and she continued to cough. At this point, she throws up a little bit, most of which I catch. She was upset it was on her but I couldn't do anything but wait on Daniel to pull over and help us get cleaned up. Not long after that, she fell asleep. 
I love her cheeks! 

Leaving Zakopane was sad, but so incredibly beautiful. 
We made it home after dinner and got the car unpacked and showers taken. Lots to unpack tomorrow! Although we are sad to be home, we're so happy to be back in our own beds. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 49: More Skiing

This morning Caleb and I went skiing for a bit. Daniel and Madison tagged along. I went down the small slope a few times and I was not feeling it. I loved skiing in Garmisch, but the snow was a lot harder here and I did not care for that! Skiing on ice isn't for me! 
So, Daniel and I traded out and I left with Maddie while he stayed with Caleb. The boys had a blast. Caleb went down a few obstacles and was practicing his jumping; he now wants to be a professional ski jumper. 

Maddie and I met up with Allison and Jake at McDonalds. Once the kids were finished Maddie sat next to jake and laid her head down on him. She almost fell asleep, so we left before that could happen. After she counted and sang, she finally fell asleep and took a good nap. 
Allison and I were determined to have a real massage while we were here so we went to another hotel and the massage was awesome! It was a real spa, which was already a step up from our crazy lady who kept taking phone calls. 

There was a relaxing room where one waits before and after a massage and it was so pretty. Definitely a zen area. 
Once I returned back to the hotel we went down and enjoyed some dinner. Pizza was great but the kids were not pleased with the chilis (we forgot to request "no chilis").  It was too hot for them so we ordered another one (chili free).

We came back to the room and I finished up statistics homework and held Maddie as she fell asleep. That was pretty wonderful. 

Everyone had a pretty good day. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day 48: Exploring Zakopane

This morning the boys went to ski in another location and I tagged along with Allison and Jake to the top of a mountain here. We took the cable car up. The sights up there were amazing! We walked around for a bit before venturing off back into town.
Once into town, Maddie got a Minnie Mouse balloon. She spotted it yesterday, but I decided not to get it. Well, she spotted it again today so I gave in.

Maddie was very tired at this point and ended up falling asleep while I was holding her. She boycotted naptime later on, but got in a small one at least.
The boys had a great time skiing today. Daniel mentioned that the place was a bit harder than yesterday and the snow was a lot harder, too.

My friend Allison and I decided to get a massage here. We both agreed that this was a very strange massage we wish to never experience again. It is so different than one I would receive in the states, so I'm not sure where to even begin with comparing! Our lady took phone calls, left the lights on, and talked the entire time. For once, not knowing Polish didn't matter to someone but encouraged her to try out more of her English. 

We ate a wonderful dinner (same place as last night). At the restaurant as we waited on the check, Maddie made nice with our neighboring table and tried to blow out their candle. 
After dinner we came back to the hotel to rest. Everyone was pretty wiped out!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Day 47: Skiing and Exploring

We started off this morning with breakfast from the hotel. Afterwards, the boys took off to go skiing and Allison, Jake, Maddie, and myself went to explore Zakopane. 

We left the hotel and found a one horse open sleigh and took a nice (and cold) tour all around. It was so cool to see some of the wood work on the houses. Maddie fell asleep on me and napped for 15 minutes or so. 
We got to watch a few people do the ski jump. This was a really cool area. There was snow tubbing, snowmobile racing (think go carts back home), and skiing. 

Daniel told me that he and Caleb had the best time. Caleb would get to the top of the mountain and go straight down without turning. He would go so fast and never fall. They can't wait to go back for more tomorrow. 
After the sleigh ride, the crew that decided not to ski found the town area and walked around. I thought bringing the stroller was a great idea and it was. However, it doesn't really work when you're trying to push it through sidewalks filled with snow. I almost threw Maddie out of the stroller a few times, picked it up numerous times to move it out of a "no go" area, and fought with every tricky sidewalk possible. This fun, led me to my favorite purchase of today - Maddie's sled. 
Yep. She's in there. Under a blanket and watching Baby Einstein on the iPad. 
I loved pushing the sled versus the stroller. But, when the snow and ice are cleared from the sidewalks, the sled is incredibly hard to push. So, I pulled her behind me instead. 

We ate at a really nice place tonight and the steak was amazing. It's been a really long time since I've had one so delicious. 
After dinner we attempted to find Caleb a new set of gloves but didn't have much luck. So, we came back to the hotel and got things ready for tomorrow.