Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 56: She Loves Her Brother

This morning Maddie was up and going before 7. Not her usual. Not my usual. 

The boys made it off to school and work and I took Maddie to daycare. She played peek-a-boo with her teacher then leapt out of my arms to her. She then said, "bye, bye Mama." I'm so glad she enjoys being there. It definitely makes it easier on me knowing she's taken care of. 

When I picked Maddie up she was cutting paper with scissors. The teacher asked if Maddie was left handed. I told her that she tries to be and uses it more than her right hand. She then told me that she would start setting up for her left hand so projects are easier for her. Thanks U.M. and Leann! ;) 

Once Caleb was home, Maddie was still napping. Caleb went to play at a friend's house then came back about an hour or so later. Maddie woke up shortly after he left and she started with roll call. She asked for Caleb and I told her that he wasn't home yet. She then enjoyed a snack on the counter as I cut vegetables. 

Caleb got back a little later and sat down then Maddie walked up holding her shoes and said, "gee-duh, outside?" 

They've been playing outside together the last few days and she wanted to do that again. He smiled at her then took her out to play. It started to rain so they both came in, but she loves playing with her brother. Deep down, I think Caleb loves it too!

The night passed by too quickly and the kiddos went to bed. Now it's time for homework then hopefully some rest. 

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