Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 55: A Box of Home

Maddie and I hung out for a bit this morning before I took her to daycare. She demanded candy for breakfast and I kept telling her "no." Finally, she looks away from the candy dish and says, "cookies!" I then replied with, "no" and she lost it again. Later she calmed down and ate yogurt. 

She had a good day at daycare and took a little nap there. I woke her up when I went to get her and she was such a grouch. I guess I would be too though if I didn't get my nap out. 

Caleb had a great day at school and did a few things in his outreach club. The club is working with the Warsaw Mission so I'm excited he can be a part of that. 

Daniel finally came home and we hung out with the kiddos. Daniel would tickle Maddie and she would say "tickle" copying his words. Later in the night Daniel kissed her neck and she told him, "that tickles." It was the cutest thing. 

Caleb was so happy to get a small piece of home. He's been very homesick lately and misses his friends. So his friend Jaxen sent him some special goodies and a letter. 

Maddie loves it when Caleb pushes her around in the laundry basket, box, baby doll stroller, you name it. So after he opened the box of goodies he tossed the box on the floor. She then does this and starts screaming out grunts and her pronunciation of Caleb's name, "Gee-Duh."
We laughed so hard because it was so precious. Caleb attempted to slide her around but didn't have much luck. 

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