Saturday, February 14, 2015

Day 45: Happy Valentine's Day

We had a pretty great day today. The sun was out shining so we went out to enjoy it. 

We went by a produce stand for fresh strawberries and apples. We also picked up some eggs while we were there in order to make breakfast casserole for dinner. The fruit is so affordable here and so delicious. 

Once we got back home we went outside for a walk. Caleb rode his bike around hoping to find a few kids to play with. Unfortunately they were all out somewhere else so he and Daniel went for a bike ride instead. During our walk, Madison reached up to hold both mine and Daniel's hand. It was the most precious thing. She is such a sweetie when she wants to be. 

We FaceTimed with Nana, Aunt Tara, Poppy, Cale, and Madelyn. Madison talked so much to Tara and kept walking around saying her version of Cale once we hung up the phone. She is too funny. 

Daniel and I had a pretty late night trying to get things in order for the next few days. Hopefully we can finish up what we need to in the morning. 

Madison also decided to change up the game by throwing up in her bed after she was asleep. She fell asleep on me, I laid her in her crib, I did a few things and then she got sick. I was able to give her a second bath while Daniel changed the bedding. She kept crying so I went and got her and am now trying to cuddle her back to sleep. 
She fell asleep on the way home from the produce stand. 

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