Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 42: Dinner with the Ambassador

I spent most of my morning doing school work and trying to figure out how to do my statistics. I have to define most of the words, so it's definitely an interesting experience. One I wish I had completed years ago!

Madison came home from daycare in a great mood. She loves to sing and dance. She is addicted to string cheese right now, so limiting that to one a day is quite the challenge. She loves to walk around screaming "cheese."

Caleb came home from school today with one article of clothing (his belt) missing. He believes that he left this at the swimming area instead of school, so it'll be a little while before he gets this back if he can even find it.

Tonight, Daniel and I were invited to have dinner with the Ambassador and his wife. They invite different couples out randomly for dinner and/or cocktail parties. Tonight was our night along with two other couples.

We started out by talking and sharing different post stories. Once dinner was ready, we moved into the dining area where we the setting was perfect. I really enjoy events like this. The food was wonderful and the company was even better. We had a sitter for the kids, so they had a good night, too.

I had fun getting dressed up. Caleb kept telling me how fabulous and wonderful I looked. That boy sure knows how to melt my heart! Madison, on the other hand, loved to pull my hair. Once we were back her hand caught one of my curls and I screamed out. She thought it was hilarious and laughed so hard. She continued to do it then turned on Daniel and started to pull his hair too. I see this becoming a possible issue. 
This was our menu from tonight. 

All in all, today was a great day!

idealna noc; do widzenia.
"Perfect night; goodbye."

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