Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day 46: Zakopane Bound

This morning we set off on a 6 hour car ride to Zakopane, Poland. Once we arrived closer to the mountains it was truly breathtaking. 
The kiddos were great considering the heavy traffic at times. 

Maddie got out at our lunch stop and ran all around. She then fought her nap for a very long time but finally crashed.  
Once she woke up from her nap she was whining so I held onto her foot (the only part of her I could reach). I let go at some point and she started to whine again. I asked her what she wanted and she held her foot out. So, for the rest of the trip (about 45 minutes) Caleb and I took turns holding onto her foot. 
We finally arrived, checked in, then found our room. We have a nice suite. Privacy from the kids is a change from Garmisch and it's so welcomed! Madison ran all around the rooms then finally decided she needed to sit on the couch with my iPhone. As she did that, Daniel and I finished unpacking.

We then met up with some friends for dinner. The kids were able to unwind and burn some energy here in the hotel's restaurant. 

Once we returned to our room we each showered then crashed. Maddie fell asleep on me watching skiing and the boys hung out and talked for a bit. 

Now, it's time to rest. We have skiing on the agenda for tomorrow along with playing in the snow. 


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