Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day 43: Pączki Day, Coffee, Paintings, and Books!

This morning started out with a coffee event. A friend picked me up and we got lost on our way. To be fair, neither of us frequently visit this area and our GPS nor our phones would navigate us to the correct location. Luckily, my phone found the address when we were close enough but not the "correct road." We entered one gated area then left. Went to another gated area then found out we were in the correct place to begin with. So we backtracked and arrived slightly late. We weren't the last ones to arrive, so no one really knew. ;) We also have the guard a great laugh. 

The hostess was so incredibly nice and her home was fabulous and decorated to the nines for Valentine's Day and all.  It was nice to have adult conversation, drink a nice cup of coffee (out of beautiful pottery) and enjoy a few Polish Doughnuts for Pączki Day. 

*Pączki Day is also referred to as "Fat Thursday." It is a traditional Catholic Christian feast marking the last Thursday before Lent. 

I've enjoyed my share of these delicious treats today!

*A funny picture I came across on my Facebook newsfeed. 
Caleb had a great day at school and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. Maddie had a "Frozen" themed carnival (party) at daycare and brought a balloon home with her. When it popped later on it scared me to death. I don't even think she flinched.  

Later on in the afternoon I pulled out some paint for the kids. They both enjoyed it. Maddie wanted to use nothing but her hands on the second picture. When I took her away from it all she pitched a fit until she realized she got to eat at that point. That girl loves food! Especially fresh strawberries. 

We also got to recycle a few boxes. Win win! 

Daniel cooked dinner for us then I was off to book club. I did not read this month's book, but I heard some great things about it. 

I had such a great time and had the best laugh after hearing a friend's story. Sharing kid stories are always the best medicine!

For those of you who have asked, my aunt is doing better. She's in rehab now through the hospital and is having to really be challenged as each leg has a broken bone. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks!

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