Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 49: More Skiing

This morning Caleb and I went skiing for a bit. Daniel and Madison tagged along. I went down the small slope a few times and I was not feeling it. I loved skiing in Garmisch, but the snow was a lot harder here and I did not care for that! Skiing on ice isn't for me! 
So, Daniel and I traded out and I left with Maddie while he stayed with Caleb. The boys had a blast. Caleb went down a few obstacles and was practicing his jumping; he now wants to be a professional ski jumper. 

Maddie and I met up with Allison and Jake at McDonalds. Once the kids were finished Maddie sat next to jake and laid her head down on him. She almost fell asleep, so we left before that could happen. After she counted and sang, she finally fell asleep and took a good nap. 
Allison and I were determined to have a real massage while we were here so we went to another hotel and the massage was awesome! It was a real spa, which was already a step up from our crazy lady who kept taking phone calls. 

There was a relaxing room where one waits before and after a massage and it was so pretty. Definitely a zen area. 
Once I returned back to the hotel we went down and enjoyed some dinner. Pizza was great but the kids were not pleased with the chilis (we forgot to request "no chilis").  It was too hot for them so we ordered another one (chili free).

We came back to the room and I finished up statistics homework and held Maddie as she fell asleep. That was pretty wonderful. 

Everyone had a pretty good day. 

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