Friday, February 6, 2015

Day 37: Trivia Night

This morning Madison woke up around 5 am. I have never wanted to give her a pacifier more. She was crying out in a whining way so I wasn't too concerned that something was wrong. She calmed down after a few minutes and stayed asleep until Caleb was off to school and Daniel off to work. 

Maddie went to daycare today and they had a dog come for a visit. She hates bigger dogs (I think this dog was a lab) so she was happy to see me when I came To pick her up. When I sat down with her in the classroom she buried her face in my neck and hid from the dog. She then started telling everyone bye, which is my cue to wrap it up. 

She took a great nap and woke up in a decent mood. Caleb got home from school where he said he had great news. He had found his jacket! That was indeed, great news. However, he was extremely upset to find out that he was still grounded. He can't wrap his mind around it all. 

The CLO hosted a trivia night at the embassy so Daniel and I got a babysitter for the kids and we went to try our hand in the trivia world. Thankfully, there were smarter people on our team. We didn't win or lose, so it was fun. 

Once home, I noticed that Caleb had been watching tv. He admitted to it and the 175 points he had earned (he needs 500 to get ungrounded) were gone. Now he has a starting point of 0 again. 

Daniel talked to him for a bit and Caleb had very little to say. I've approached talking to him in many different ways, so I don't think we can do anything too different than what we're already doing. I'm really hoping we get into a good place and stay there a while. This rough patch sucks!

Caleb was pretty upset with himself over the course of the night. Hopefully he'll remember this lesson and stop disobeying. 

Maddie ran a few laps and played for a bit before bed. She gives the best loving and will tell you no and shake her head "no" in a heartbeat. 

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