Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 53: Back to Normal - Kind of

This morning was kind of a slow morning for us all. We all slept in just a bit and stayed in pajamas as late as possible.
Maddie enjoyed her new table. She can color and control her playdoh much better from this area. This was one of our IKEA purchases yesterday. Table was with a huge discount!
Around lunchtime I went to a few stores with a friend. I hadn't been to the area she mentioned and wanted to get a few things, so I tagged along. She was going for some pots and I needed to look for some as well. Luckily, I found a few that I wanted. Maybe later I can go back and add to my collection. I loved the stainless steel and I couldn't believe how heavy the pots were.
I forgot to picture my frying pan (it's ceramic - so a little different).

I also forgot to post a picture from yesterday. I'm in love with the glass I found at a store close by. And, it was cheap! I looked up the items online and I got a great deal on everything. Kate Spade wine glasses at a huge discount? Done! The other two pieces will be for random items. One is currently holding cookies. 
When I got home Maddie was waiting by the door for me. She greeted me with, "Mama!" then ran and gave me kisses. That little girl can be so sweet when she wants.

Caleb hasn't been feeling the best so he rested a lot today. He took some medicine earlier in the morning and felt a little better afterwards, but still felt a little uneasy. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for him.

Daniel was a rockstar and helped me figure out my homework for statistics. I think I would have dropped this class long ago if it weren't for him. I have a million things to do for school over the next two weeks, but after the two weeks I'll have a very small break (one week) before it all starts over again.

All in all our day was pretty good and it definitely felt like we were getting back into a normal routine. The laundry is mostly caught up and the chores are never fully complete - but things are mostly done. Besides breaking down a million boxes, we're doing pretty well after being gone for most of the week.

As I write this please note that it's well after 1 AM (I stayed up late to write a paper) so I apologize for any brevity and/or misspellings. My fingers and eyes are both tired.

Goodnight all!

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