Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 44: Kangaroo Math and Cuddles

This morning, once the kids were off, I bussed into town and met Daniel for a late breakfast. I haven't had the best of luck finding breakfast dishes here so when we found this place we were in love. Afterwards, I splurged at Starbucks and took some treats back to the Marine on duty. 
The sausage (under the ham here) isn't the best, but overall it's a great meal. 

Maddie got to visit the horse stables today but she still doesn't care to ride on any horses. She's content not participating in that. 

Caleb came home with weekend homework and a practice test for an upcoming test. He and a few others in his grade were selected to participate in Kangaroo math (a math competition). He did well on his first test so he was able to move on to the next round. We are so proud of him. 

We had a pretty laid back evening and Maddie fell asleep on me. She's so sweet. 
From today. 
She's getting so big!

We had a great Friday the 13th! 

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