Friday, February 27, 2015

Day 58: Changes Are Coming

Today started off pretty well. Everyone got off to where they needed to be. I walked over to daycare with Maddie and she loved seeing her friends. 

I came back home and took care of a few things. Around lunchtime I received a call that I got the job I had applied for at the embassy. Soon, I'll be the secretary for the political and economical section. I'm excited to begin this journey. 

After lunch I visited with a good friend. We had a lot of catching up to do, so it was a much needed visit!

Daniel worked late tonight so I ordered pizza for all of us. Let's be honest though, I was ordering pizza regardless of how late Daniel worked!

Caleb also learned today that he doesn't get to pick and choose which homework assignments he completes. He chose to ignore a 3 week journal project and it was never turned in. The teacher contacted me about this, so I talked to Caleb. He simply did not want to do it, so he didn't. Well, now he's doing a different writing assignment at school and he's completing the journal for me. He'll turn the journal in in three weeks along with a letter of apology. 

We relaxed this evening, ate pizza, goofed off, watched too much TV, and played on electronics. We all got to relax and enjoy our Friday night the way we wanted. It was nice. 
This was Maddie shushing me. Hilarious. 

We're also very thankful that a special person pulled through an outpatient surgery today. It's hard being so far away sometimes. 

Goodnight all. 

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