Monday, February 9, 2015

Day 40: More Snow!

This morning the snow was falling pretty fast. There were big snowflakes falling, giving everything a fresh, white layer. 

The snow kept falling (it slowed down a bit) until lunchtime. It was beautiful to watch. Maddie got to eat some fresh snow on the way to daycare and she built a snowman with her teachers. 

I was able to do a bit of schoolwork and got a head start on my week. 

Caleb had a great day at school and remembered to bring all his items home. Small victories! Maddie was pretty clingy today, so in not sure what that's about. 

Daniel had a good day at work and was a huge help with dinner and cleanup. Since we pulled a long nighter last night, we're in bed by 9 tonight. 

Here are sledding pictures from yesterday.
Sorry none are really of Caleb. If they are, I can't tell where he is. 
Naptime today. 
Prior to naptime she wouldn't let me go. 
Waiting on Caleb to slide her across the floor. She loves this and he does a great job playing with her when she's interested. 

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