Monday, February 9, 2015

Day 39: Sledding Fun!

Last night Caleb stayed at a friend's house. Daniel and I were able to sleep in for just a bit thanks to Maddie. Once she was up she played for a little bit.

Around lunch time, I got a call to get Caleb's sledding items together because they were wanting to go to a nearby hill and sled. Daniel took the items over (because he wanted to sled, too) and they headed off.

The snow was nice and the sleds went fast! Caleb almost ran into a stroller. Thankfully, Daniel was standing in the way so he got knocked down and stopped Caleb instead of the sled hitting the baby's stroller.

*Because I don't have them on my phone and it's too hard at this moment to get them from Daniel's phone, I'll post sledding pics tomorrow. 

Maddie stayed home with me so we played around for a little while. Later on she named off colors of her nail polish and pointed to her fingers. So, I painted them whatever color she wanted. She has three nails painted three different colors.

Once the boys were back the snow really started to fall. I have never seen anything like it. It fell so hard and blew around. We looked out of our back door where you can see a field and there was very little visibility. It was insane at how much snow was swirling around! After about thirty minutes of that, the skies were blue and the sun was out shining. Definitely bipolar weather around here!
I had a very boring day. I spent most of my day doing homework. Daniel spent most of his night, doing my homework. ;) If it weren't for him, I would have dropped my statistics class on day 2. I had my midterm this week on top of my normal assignments. My professor did not mind keeping the workload full AND adding more work (i.e. midterm). Daniel definitely understood more than I did and God love him for sticking with it and not throwing it all on me. I am more than blessed to have him around. Again, I hate this class. I dislike it so much so that I would not take another statistic class despite whatever degree I may want to pursue. If I need another statistics class, the degree just is not for me.

Now that it is 2:30AM (Poland time) I am now able to shower and go to bed for a few hours. Thankfully part of my assignment for my other class is watching a movie, so maybe I can do that in the morning.

Here are pics of the kids playing throughout the day. 

Goodnight all!

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