Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day 48: Exploring Zakopane

This morning the boys went to ski in another location and I tagged along with Allison and Jake to the top of a mountain here. We took the cable car up. The sights up there were amazing! We walked around for a bit before venturing off back into town.
Once into town, Maddie got a Minnie Mouse balloon. She spotted it yesterday, but I decided not to get it. Well, she spotted it again today so I gave in.

Maddie was very tired at this point and ended up falling asleep while I was holding her. She boycotted naptime later on, but got in a small one at least.
The boys had a great time skiing today. Daniel mentioned that the place was a bit harder than yesterday and the snow was a lot harder, too.

My friend Allison and I decided to get a massage here. We both agreed that this was a very strange massage we wish to never experience again. It is so different than one I would receive in the states, so I'm not sure where to even begin with comparing! Our lady took phone calls, left the lights on, and talked the entire time. For once, not knowing Polish didn't matter to someone but encouraged her to try out more of her English. 

We ate a wonderful dinner (same place as last night). At the restaurant as we waited on the check, Maddie made nice with our neighboring table and tried to blow out their candle. 
After dinner we came back to the hotel to rest. Everyone was pretty wiped out!

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