Thursday, February 5, 2015

Day 36: A Day of Smiles and Fun

Today was pretty great overall. Aside from not getting much sleep last night, my day was enjoyable. 

Caleb made it off to school without any glitches this morning. Maddie woke up later on in just enough time to watch Elmo and enjoy her milk, and Daniel came back home for a few minutes once he finished up some training. 
Madison wanted to play with Play Doh so I got out our stash and let her play. An hour and a half later, she still didn't want down.  I placed her beside the door so she could enjoy some of the daylight and the sight of the snow falling. 

She loved it and had so much fun. When she was done with one color, she would point and request another. 

She eventually took a nap. She's been fighting those lately, and woke up to play some more after an hour or so of rest. 
Such a sweet face. She was in such a great mood today. 

Caleb came home from school later on. He's still forgetting items at school, so it's a continued work in progress. 

Daniel, myself, and the Marines were invited to dinner tonight, so we arranged for a sitter and enjoyed a small dinner party. The food was delicious and the company was even better. It was nice to have a night out of the house and partake in adult conversation. 

We were home to tuck the kids into bed and listen to the nightly recap. Caleb had fun and Maddie was good, which equates to a great night. 

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