Sunday, March 1, 2015

Day 59: Saturday Fun

This morning little miss woke up in a bad mood. Luckily, Daniel got up with her. She ended up giving him some really good hugs and kisses, but also pitched a few fits.

We hung out around the house for the first half of the day, then went to the shopping outlet here for the other part of our day. Later on we got to hang out at a friend's house for a game night. The kids tagged along and they had a great time. I thought they were so well behaved! I was surprised by a bottle of champagne and brownies for my job acceptance. Even if the brownies weren't for me, I ate most of them, so I'm claiming it. I found out that she will begin working soon too, so we both celebrated.

Maddie found the puppy's bed and she laid down in it. She would get in and out of the bed and thought of it as her spot. When she left the room the dog entered and laid down in his bed. When Maddie returned, she was mad that the dog had her spot. We put a blanket down for her beside the dog bed but that wasn't good enough. She wanted the dog bed back! 
Overall, I couldn't believe how well Maddie did. She put on a show for us all. At the end of the night, she crawled up on Daniel and fell asleep.
We had such a good evening and laughed quite a bit. 

We also got to FaceTime with Daniel's mom before we left to go to game night. I'm sure we'll catch up more with her tomorrow. As for now, it's late and we're going to bed. Goodnight all!

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