Saturday, March 28, 2015

Day 87: Spartan Races and Baseball

This morning Maddie slept in until 7, which was much better than the 5:30 timeframe. We got up, had breakfast, and Daniel got ready for his race. A Spartan Race is basically a race through mud while also encountering obstacles. If you are unable to do a particular obstacle, you do 20 "burpees" instead. If you are unsure of what a burpee is, use Google and there's a video that pops up showing you the exercise. Anyways, Daniel participated in this race with a group of people. They had a great time, but Daniel mentioned how cold it was! That part wasn't as much fun. 
The group's before picture. 
The group's after picture. 

Once Daniel was home and cleaned up he joined Caleb at ball practice. Since Caleb's friend is on his team, his friend's mom drove them to practice. Daniel got to see how well he did and what things need to be worked on. After practice they stopped for ice cream.

As soon as Caleb walked in, Maddie yelled for him and played with him for a good ten minutes or so. She wore him out! He told me all about his experience at the sleepover and told me how awesome breakfast was. He said he had the best M&M pancakes ever and that he ate 4 of them. The total didn't surprise me because that kid can eat breakfast like it's nothing. He also ate a ton at dinner. Growth spurt maybe?

He and Maddie played throughout the evening and we got to FaceTime with Nana and Poppy for a little bit. We talked about our upcoming travel plans and our events over the past week. Maddie finally warmed up and started talking. She counted, said her ABCs, and made animal sounds with her Poppy. She also played with Caleb and squealed (as did he).

Maddie found this furry coat and refused to take it off. She kept snuggling her face up to it. 
"I see" is what she says when she wants to see herself on the camera. 
Going through dad's wallet. All money and cards tossed aside. What she wanted was a receipt. 
This is her in Caleb's bed. She climbed up and pulled the covers up, and then said "nite nite, Mama." 

Overall, we have had a great day.

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