Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 61: "Get Mama" and Read-A-Thons

Today I spent most of my time completing the necessary paperwork so I can begin working. I also have finals in my two classes this week, so I focused on some school work to stay ahead.

Caleb had a great day at school. They had a read-a-thon and got to read for about two hours in their pajamas. He has been doing well lately and remembering his items from school. He is creating a children's book, so he's been hard at work with that.

Madison has had a good day. She's been full of energy and sass. Each evening after her bath she likes to jump on her bed. Tonight I was the one holding her as she jumped. As soon as Daniel stepped into the room she told me to "get" and pointed to her daddy to help her jump. I had her do it a few more times, but she wanted Daniel to bounce her higher than I could. I thought it was funny that she knew and used the word "get" in true southern fashion.

Here are some pictures from our evening.
She would see the camera then jerk her head away again. 

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