Monday, March 16, 2015

Day 75: Rough Mondays

This morning came way too fast, but it came. Maddie was up and going a little after 8AM. Not sure why she didn't want to sleep in this weekend, but I wasn't complaining that she rested a little longer today.

The morning started out great. Maddie and I played and we had a good time. She had a very small accident but was great overall with going to potty when she needed to. Around lunchtime her stomach started hurting (or so I assume by her behavior) and she had quite a few accidents and close calls. After a long period of back and forth to the bathroom and a lot of crying, she napped. After 30 minutes of napping she woke up screaming again. I went up to get her and she fell asleep on me for an hour or so. That was probably one of the highlights of my day.
Caleb came home and told me all about his bad day. He said, "Mondays suck." He also mentioned that Mondays were cursed. He's a mess, but after my day I agreed with him. He had a few issues with kids at school that he'll hopefully work through tomorrow. We'll see. Please keep him in your prayers. 

Once Daniel came home he and Caleb went for a run. Considering that Caleb had never ran, he did great! Before the boys began Caleb mentioned that he wanted to run 5 miles. He didn't think that would be an issue. They ended up running about 2 miles and had a fun time spending time together. Caleb said he really enjoyed it and can't wait until he does it again. He was also surprised to learn that he had actually ran as far as he did and laughed when I reminded him that he originally wanted to run 5 miles.

While they were running I fixed dinner and put my pottery finds to use. Caleb loved how the table was set up and kept saying how nice it was. It reminded me and Daniel of growing up and serving every thing from the dishes on the table instead of fixing our plates at the stove. Knowing how much Caleb enjoyed it, it'll definitely be something I continue. Plus, I can put my beautiful serving pieces to use!!

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