Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 82: Happy Monday

This morning went well. Caleb was a little rushed, but he got out the door with everything he needed. He had a "swim-a-thon" today so he had to make sure he had all of the right items. 

Maddie woke up in a great mood. She was all smiles and laughs for the most part. She was playful and such a joy. So, I kept her home today. We had a great time together. 

Maddie has a camera that she carries everywhere. She likes to wear it on her wrist. She also wanted to wear a hair piece attachment. A few were given to us and she has really enjoyed them. She also wore her sunglasses a lot today. She loves them. 
Say cheese, Mama!
In this picture, Maddie put her jacket on (backwards) to go outside. She was avoiding naptime. 

Caleb was soon home and he beat his goal of 10 laps. He ended up completing 19 total. He played with Maddie a bit and had her laughing so hard. He did his chores then went down the street to play with friends. 
For dinner Daniel and I had leftovers, but I fixed the kids their favorite: hotdogs! Caleb said I was the best mom ever, so I'll take it. There was also a ton of veggies, so I didn't feel too bad about our dinners. 

Daniel did baths while I cleaned up so we were all done by 7:30. We sat around until bedtime at 8 and chatted with each other. The kids are growing so fast, so I love the time we can just sit around together. 

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