Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day 84: Report Card Day

Today was a good day for everyone. We all got up and going pretty early and Daniel cooked us breakfast. Caleb loved having eggs. 

This afternoon, Caleb came home with his report card. He had a lot of improvement in most areas. The one he did not improve on was homework. With him choosing not to do his journal, I can see why this grade worsened. However, everything else was spectacular. 

Caleb enjoyed a little bit of time at the park with his friends. He came home and asked if he could go play more. Unfortunately for him, he could not because there were things that had to get done; but he's excited for tomorrow so he can play again. 

While Caleb was at the park, Maddie and I colored with chalk. We drew numbers and had fun coloring bricks. We went inside and reviewed picture cards. She danced and repeated each word then laughed. She was in a really good mood. 
Daniel worked late so the kids were bathed and eating dinner when he got home. They all enjoyed some play time together. We also opened a package that we received. There were some awesome goodies, but Maddie preferred the box!!

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