Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day 74: Legia Soccer!

Today we started out by trying a new place for breakfast (new to everyone else but me). It was good, but not as great as it was last week. Maddie and Caleb loved the bacon and sausage though. 

After we finished we went to the mall close by and did a little shopping. Finding my shoe size in Poland is hard because they don't seem to carry very much over a size 8. Well, I found a store that did carry my size, so I bought some sandals and heels for work. I really can't wait to begin. Hopefully soon. 

After the fun mall trip (I say that full of sarcasm) we managed to find our way home. Our GPS went bonkers and lost its mind. I really hope pronouncing the road names didn't send it into shock resulting in a death. That would be very unfortunate. Especially since I still use it for almost every trip I make. 

We came home for a little while then left for the Legia soccer game. I had a ticket and we agreed that Maddie would do okay there even if she wouldn't watch. 

We had a great time overall and I got a killer workout. We sat on the upper level so every time Maddie needed to "pee pee potty" I took her down the steps, and then back up. Only to hear that phrase 5-10 minutes later. She went four or so times. 

The game was a rival between Warsaw and Krak√≥w, and the game's score was 2-2. It was fun to see such a crazy and diverse group of people. We had fun overall, but I'm not sure Maddie will be going to any more Legia games. 

We FaceTimed with Nana and Poppy and sang Nana happy birthday. We also got to see Aunt Chris for a quick minute. 

We had a very busy day. Tomorrow begins another school term for me and I'm still trying to decide whether I should stick to taking two classes (full-time) or if I should drop down to one class (part-time). I know I should probably only do one class but I'm ready for classes to be over. I have nine left. So close, yet so far away! 

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