Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 78: No More Cast!

Today started out fairly early again. I got up and cooked the kids and I breakfast (Daniel was already gone). Caleb had a big test first thing this morning, so he was nervous for that. He thinks he did okay with it though. We're proud of him for making it this far no matter the outcome. I got the kids off to school and daycare then worked around the house.
I went for a small run today and enjoyed the sunshine. Don't confuse the two. The run about killed me, but the sunshine was amazing. It was so nice and warm outside. I believe it was in the 40s which was warm enough. I am so excited that it's "officially" springtime tomorrow. Maybe the weather will continue to stay warm. I did see snow in the weather forecast, but I'm hoping it was an error within The Weather Channel app.

Maddie had a good day at daycare and she was dancing with her teacher when I went to get her. She has really warmed up to her teachers lately so that is nice to see.

After school we went to the hospital and took another X-Ray of Caleb's hand. We then saw the doctor and he delivered the news that Caleb could now be cast free. He was SO excited to hear that. He had limited mobility with his hand, but after working on moving it around, he should do just fine. No more visits are needed - Yay!!

After Caleb's appointment, I had a meeting with Madison's daycare teacher. She told me that Maddie is one of a few, if not the only one, who knows all of her colors and shapes. She also knows a lot of her fruits and vegetables. She loves to dance, but definitely refuses to participate in a few activities. One of which, is the pony rides that the class gets to partake in on Fridays. Maddie is not a fan of anything bigger than her, especially horses. She does not want to pet or ride on the pony, so she watches the one fearless member of her class that does enjoy it.

Her teacher also mentioned that she was very stubborn. If there is an activity that she does not care to do, she will not do it. I'm okay with that for now, because she will need that stubbornness one of these days. Overall she's doing well. The teacher said she struggles understanding and speaking Polish, and I replied, "We all do." Maddie could work on her Polish some, but I asked the teacher to keep speaking English to her, because she needed to learn more of that right now. I hope that she'll pick up bits and pieces of Polish, but I don't care if my two year old is fluent in the local language. I still enjoy understanding what Maddie says to me. If she began speaking in Polish, I'd never know what word she's screaming at me to repeat. 

After our crazy afternoon schedule, we enjoyed some dinner and played a game of Uno Attack. I believe each of us won a game, so it was a lot of fun. We got the kiddos to bed and called Rhonda and Kim to chat for a few. Everyone seems to be doing better than they were, so that's good news.

Love to you all. 

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