Thursday, March 26, 2015

Day 85: Thankful Thursdays

This morning started out early. Again. Maddie is happy waking up around 6. I am not. 

Caleb got everything together and left for school. Maddie then announced, "Caleb school." So we said, "yes, Caleb is at school." She does this at least a handful of times a day. She also announced, "Daddy at work." She is such a fun spirited and loving little girl. She is really growing into her own little self and it's so much fun watching her along the way. 

We played with magnet shapes today. She knows most of her shapes. She can also point out a parallelogram (thank you shapes app on the iPad) and loves counting. She'll count to 15 pretty well and then mumble to twenty. It's the best. 

After lunch, Maddie came to sit in my lap. She curled up and fell asleep on me. I held her for a bit, then laid her down. Of course she woke up and had no more interest in going to sleep. She let me hold her for a bit so she did get a little bit of quiet time. 
Once up, she ran around playing. She would put a bag on her shoulder (like a purse) and then push her baby stroller. As she walked away she would tell everyone and everything bye. 
Once Caleb came home she would not leave him alone. She wanted him to play with her, so she kept screaming his name and interrupting him when he tried to tell me about his day. When he sat down with an apple, she needed to be underneath him helping him eat the apple. They were too cute. 
She was pretty tired in this picture, but oh so cute. 
This was her telling me "night night, Mama." 

I titled this post "Thankful Thursday" because I have a lot to be thankful for. We are healthy, happy and safe. We also have each other, although some of our favorite people are so far away. 

My sister, Whitney, is going through so much right now. Her husband, Donny, was in a horrible accident with a semi truck. The last I heard he was in a lot of pain in the ICU but responsive. Surgery is still a possibility, but he's doing better at this point. I don't have any details other than prayers being needed. So, if you believe in God or a higher power, please remember this family. Send positive thoughts and vibes their way. Here are the pictures of his vehicle. Whitney posted them earlier, so I know she doesn't mind me sharing them. As you can see, God was present at this scene. It's amazing that he is still alive. 
I'll keep you all posted. I'm just praying for a full recovery. 

Love you all. 

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