Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day 71: Day Two of Potty Training

This morning did not start off great. Little Miss had three accidents within a ten minute time span. I then had to run out for a bit so she went to daycare. 

The teachers at daycare didn't want to make her potty, so she didn't go any while she was there. She came home and then napped. After she woke up, she did so good! She would actually "pee pee potty" and was doing well with it. 

She laid on my lap a lot and we played in the floor with a lot of toys. Maddie only had two small accidents this evening. She started to pee a few times, but screamed pee pee, so off we ran with her in tow. She would then finish in the bathroom. 

I am so proud of her for doing so well. She really picked up on it today and has really done great with it. 
Caleb had a great day at school. He came home and Maddie greeted him with a hug. She loves her Geeduh. He played outside for a bit and did two more of his journal entries. He has been in a really good mood overall this week and has done exceptionally well with his school and home life. 

After dinner, I went to book club. It was so nice to sit and chat with the ladies present. The host and food were lovely as always, and the laughs were much needed. Even though I didn't read the book, it sounded really great. I think it's one I'll have to add to my list. 

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