Sunday, March 29, 2015

Day 88: A Day of Traveling

This morning the kids slept in a little later and Daniel and I were up trying to finish up some packing. 

Once the kids were awake I think they tried to get in as much trouble as possible. They were both in their own special moods and wanted nothing to do with one another. 

We arrived to the airport in Warsaw and got through security without many issues. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and let the kids play in a play area for a little while. Our first tantrum of the day came from Maddie not wanting to leave the play area. She was carried off kicking and screaming. 
These are chocolate pieces displayed in the airport. 
The play area. 

I stopped by the bathroom for her to go, but the line was too long to wait in and our flight had started boarding. Because we had kids, we were one of the first few to board. I went ahead and took Maddie to the airplane's restroom where she had tantrum number two. 

The airplane toilet was not appealing and she had no desire to get near it. We talked to the potty and said hello to it. She was fine with that, but once I sat her up on it, she lost it. She screamed louder than I have heard in quite some time.  She refused to use that toilet or her travel potty. So, we walked back to our seats. 

During takeoff Maddie fell asleep and rested for 45 minutes or so. The flight was good and passed by pretty quickly. It was only 2 hours, so that was pretty nice. I thought I would enjoy the next time I heard strangers speaking English, but I was wrong. There was a lady two seats back that quoted statistics of plane crashes and discussed the most recent plane crash. She also talked about what she would do if our plane went down along with how those passengers of the most recent crash must have felt. 
When we landed in Rome we got ready for a 4 hour layover. Maddie still refused to use the potty so we found bread, gelato, and french fries. I went back for a salad and we hung out in the food court area for a while. Maddie played with Play Doh, Caleb did a word search puzzle, and they both watched letter songs on my iPhone. Overall, we passed the time by without many problems. 
Flying into Rome. 
Selfie while waiting. 

We boarded the plane to Palermo and had first row seats. Caleb got to sit behind us, so I think he liked that he had his own space. The flight was great overall and the flight attendants were incredibly nice. 

Once we landed we retrieved our bags. And got a taxi. The taxi was a little more than we hoped but we made it to our hotel in one piece. After seeing the lack of rule following on the road, I'm thankful we did. 

We had a few problems getting the lights in our room to turn on. We didn't know that it needed our room key in order to work. Oops. We also ordered a club sandwich from the cafe area. It definitely wasn't the club sandwich we were use to and unfortunately no one liked it. Instead, Maddie ate the PB sandwiches I packed and Caleb ate a granola bar. Maybe we will have some luck tomorrow. 
We also don't have the right plug adapters, so we'll be trying to find a place tomorrow to purchase one. 

The kids loved running all around and jumping on the beds. They had a blast playing with one another. They were too cute. 
Now, it's time for bed. Goodnight from Sicily, Italy! 

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