Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 69: Spring is Coming!

Today was such a nice day. It got into the 50s and the sunshine made everything feel so much warmer. This morning I got a little more grocery shopping done. I also went to the local hardware store and got some flower baskets for our balcony, and then I went and purchased the flowers. I made my rounds today for sure. There were many instances that I could have lost my cool, such as the tiny parking lots and horrible Polish parking, but I did not. The sun was shining and I was smiling. It felt SO good! I may like the sun just a little. It's definitely one of my favorite things. 

I came home and potted the flowers (during Maddie's nap time) and cleaned off the patio. It needed a good makeover, and getting most of the items put away helped its appearance a lot.
One of three baskets. 

Madison had a great day at daycare, but her teacher said she was very tired. At one point, Maddie was sitting on the steps and started dozing off. The teacher said that they had went on a long walk so that must have made her tired. I think it's because she stayed up late and got up early. But regardless of that, she took a great nap and woke up in a pretty good mood. She then came out to help me finish up work on the patio. 
Maddie blowing bubbles. 
Caleb playing soccer. 

Caleb had a great day at school and learned of his job during the next event. He's excited and isn't slowing down even though his hand is in a cast.

Daniel grilled our supper tonight, so it was great. I've been missing that! After the kids went to bed we sat by the fire and talked for a bit. Our neighbor came over to enjoy the fire with us, so that was really nice. It's always great hearing other people's stories and catching up over the latest events.

Here's a few pictures of Daddy holding both of his babies. When Caleb asked to be held like Maddie, Maddie pitched a fit and whined until Daniel picked her up, too.

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