Friday, March 20, 2015

Day 79: Egypt Day

This morning went well and everyone was out the door and off to where they needed to be on time. I enjoyed bible study this morning and fellowshipped with some wonderful ladies. It was exactly what I needed and felt incredibly encouraged. I struggle on a daily basis, so knowing that others are a work in progress too, definitely made me feel like I was doing okay. I can be better, but I'm working towards that.

After I left there I picked Maddie up from daycare and we met up with Daniel at The British School. Today was Egypt day for all of Year 4. They worked so hard on making artifacts and writing journals as though they were in Egypt. This particular journal is the one Caleb chose not to do, but he finished it and it was on his table along with his powerpoint. He did a great job on all of his work. Even one of the clay pieces he dropped.
Caleb left school earlier than normal and we came home so Maddie could nap. It took her a while, but she finally crashed. Caleb worked on a bit of homework and I baked a few items needed for tomorrow.

Once Caleb finished up with his work, he and Daniel went outside and played catch for a bit. They had a great time despite the cold! Daniel tried to call in a pizza order (as we do most Fridays) but the phone didn't work. So, the boys biked down to see what was going on. Unfortunately, my favorite pizza place is closed. It was a sad, sad moment, but we decided at that point to order Dominos.
We sat around the rest of the night and enjoyed each other. Maddie had a few accidents, so tomorrow will hopefully be a better day with that.

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