Sunday, March 22, 2015

Day 81: Family Time

Today started out earlier than I cared for. The downside to potty training is once Madison wakes up, she's ready to use the bathroom and go full speed, even when mom and dad are not. This morning Daniel wasn't feeling very well, so Maddie and I were up a little before 7. Daniel stayed in bed and rested for a while.

Once Caleb came downstairs, the kids enjoyed some breakfast and they played together. We even painted for a little while to do something fun. 
The finished pieces. 
Where's Maddie?
There she is! We said this over and over for a good five minutes. 

A little before lunchtime, we all spent time in the basement and garage. The kids played for a bit while Daniel and I cleaned out all of the boxes and randomness that we had tossed into the garage. We got everything organized and in its place. It was so nice. Once we had everything cleaned up, Maddie wanted to sit in her seat on the bike. Daniel rode her around inside the garage. She did not want him to stop.
She also wanted to wear her pink hat. 

Maddie eventually laid down to nap. While she was napping I went over to a friend's house and picked out some adorable clothes. Maddie was blessed with some precious outfits, shoes, and toys. Maddie went through her "presents" and wore her princess sunglasses around. She then wore a little nightgown to bed tonight (we just said that we needed to get her some nightgowns). She is growing so fast! We were incredibly blessed to receive these items. Some are perfect for later on, but a lot of the things that we can wear right now were much needed.

We FaceTimed with Nana, Poppy, Cousin Wendi, and Lily. Maddie did pretty good with everyone and laughed when she saw Lily on the screen. She also laughed at her Poppy and enjoyed talking to Nana. 

Overall, we had a great day and spent a lot of time together. Even though Daniel wasn't feeling the greatest, we made the best of our day and enjoyed each other's company.

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