Friday, March 6, 2015

Day 65: Checkups and Bible Study

This morning started off pretty busy for us. Caleb had an appointment at 8 AM for an X-Ray and a doctor's appointment at 9AM. We were done with everything around 9:30. His pinky is still fractured. The doctor mainly wanted to check and make sure that nothing had changed. Hopefully, the cast can come off around March 20th. Thanks to the language barrier, I'll have to call and reschedule the appointments she gave me.

After I dropped Caleb off at school I went to a bible study at a friend's house. I have wanted to be a part of a bible study for quite some time. I admit that I lack a lot when it comes to my bible, but I've wanted to do better and be better. I'm a work in progress, as most of us are, so I'm happy to have friends here that I can build a spiritual relationship with and encourage me when I need it. 

I picked Madison up from daycare when I got back and she was in a pretty good mood. She played around the house for a little bit then took a great nap.

Caleb came home from school in a great mood. He worked on his journal entries and got caught up tonight. He also got to play with a few boys who live down the street. He had a great time. He came home with the happiest face and said he really enjoyed playing. I'm excited for Spring and Summer for this reason in particular. Seeing him happy makes my heart smile.

I was able to complete a lot of homework today, but I still have a good bit to do by Sunday. Hopefully I can finish it sooner than later so I can enjoy myself without having to stress over work this weekend.

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