Monday, March 30, 2015

Day 89: Day One in Palermo

This morning began at 3 AM. Maddie woke up screaming so I moved her into our bed. I hoped she would go back to sleep, but she didn't. She tossed, turned, and watched tv. She was all over the place. I'm not sure when we actually "woke up" for the day, but we were all in and out of sleep for a while. 

We went down to the hotel's restaurant where we enjoyed breakfast. It was great overall, but our kids are still trying to figure out how to use manners (Caleb) and how to not scream when you can't get down and walk (Maddie). Fun times! 

We walked out to the garden area afterwards and we were slightly disappointed. Unfortunately, when you come to Palermo this time of year, the hotel is getting its repairs done for the upcoming travel season. The pool was drained and down (we figured it would be), but the garden area was muddy and under some construction. We walked around a little but left after a few minutes. We asked the clerk how to access the beach, and she told us we had to walk a block or so to get there. I think the garden leads to the beach, just not at this time. So, we walked down the street, crossed over, and found the beach. 

The beach was a little dirty but we found a place and to dip our toes in. When our fearless "I'll swim in any condition" kid told us it was cold, we knew it must be cold! He was right, but Maddie didn't care. She wanted Daniel to hold her arms and help her jump the small waves. She asked to sit down at one point so we took her leggings off and let her. She didn't last like that long! It was freezing. Instead, she wanted back up to jump and splash in the water. So, that's what she got. Caleb played in the sand for a few minutes, then we decided to head back to the hotel.  
We decided after being in the hotel that we would try lunch at the restraunt on the water, directly across from our hotel. It was a lot nicer than we expected and it was so funny when Daniel said, "I'm glad I put on a polo." We all enjoyed our meals and talked a lot about table etiquette. 
The restaurant: Alle Terrazze 
My first glass of italian wine: delicious! 

After the restaurant we took the bus to town and did some sightseeing. The views were amazing. We walked all around and saw inside some beautiful churches. I can't wait to do more of that tomorrow. 
Maddie fell asleep on the bus. 
Pizza for lunch. 
The fountain of shame. 
A small glance at the cathedral. It was both big and beautiful. 

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