Sunday, March 1, 2015

Day 60: Legia Soccer

The kids slept in pretty late this morning so we all had a pretty slow day. We were able to do the fun chores that needed to be done like dishes and the never ending laundry. Caleb and I were also able to catch up on some school work.

Daniel and Maddie played on the steps with a ball. He'd throw it to her and she'd roll it back to him. 
Caleb worked on making a book for this week's homework assignment and he also worked on his journal entry that he neglected to do earlier on.

Maddie and I hung out around the house playing games, eating, and snuggling. I made her a plate of fresh strawberries, red peppers and black olives, and she devoured it all. She also had some carrot and zucchini crackers that she enjoyed. I love that she prefers healthy food over other some things. She definitely loves chips, but after all, she is mine. She also had a cheese quesadilla for dinner, but barely touched it.

The boys went to a Legia soccer game this evening with a good friend of ours. Legia is Warsaw's team in the Polish soccer league. Caleb came home telling me a little about it all and was so proud holding the scarves that you wave around during the game.
They had a great time and made a few memories. This was their first experience with European soccer and the dedicated hooligans. Daniel said there was screaming nonstop and when the other team had the ball, the fans would whistle so loud. When the whistling occurs together all at once it makes a shrilling bat like sound.
They both walked in the door with smiles so it was definitely something they'd venture out to do again.

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