Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Sunday

Caleb had a great Easter. We started off by opening his basket and getting lots of candy (after breakfast of course) which he enjoyed and ate more than enough of. He got so much stuff! A movie, candy, books, underwear and socks, cookies, and plenty much more. He also got a Little Einsteins computer and that was his favorite by far. Anyways, here's a few pictures from all of that...

Easter basket
Already eating the candy from his Easter basket.

Being silly

His favorite gift of all, his Little Einsteins computer.
The next few pictures are of Caleb about to start hunting eggs. He was so excited about going out and getting to participate this year because last year he had a broken arm and only got to hunt a few eggs around the house in Okinawa. It was a lot of fun to be around family again and being part of another Easter celebration. We also got a few family photos that were long overdue.
Getting ready to hunt the eggs.

He kept opening all the eggs that he'd find and try and get the candy out instead of putting them in his basket.
All of the eggs and goodies that he found.

Papa and Nanny (from GA) with Caleb

My mom, myself, Caleb, and my dad

Just smiling...
Here are two videos from that day. You can follow the links to see them.
Part 1 clip:
**You can also view Caleb opening his Easter basket from the same sight you just have to look at the videos that I've posted so far and it'll be labeled.

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