Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 27: Back to Warsaw

This morning we ate a big breakfast at our hotel then left in a taxi for the train station. We took our first train that lasted about 1 1/2 hours. The views were priceless. We may retire somewhere like this one day!
We rode our next train to the airport with a few minor delays. As much as we ask for help being the "foreigners," we definitely have to pay it forward when we get back to America. 

On the flight, Maddie fell asleep before we ever took off. She woke up when we landed. Perfection. 
We had a great time in Garmisch, Germany and can't wait to go back. We both agreed that the next time we take a trip like that it needs to be for a longer amount of time.

We also used most types of transportation today. Taxi, train, metro "train," bus, plane and car. Glad to have made it back with all of our luggage!!

Also, my aunt is still on the mend. She had a 7 hour surgery yesterday and is in a lot of pain today. She's strong and will get through this, I just wished that I was closer to help. But in the meantime, she has some pretty great people helping her stay as comfortable as possible. 

Goodnight all. 

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