Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 10: Homework and Digiloo

I spent all morning and early afternoon doing homework and prepping for new classes to begin next week. I have a lot of reading in my future, too. Five chapter books for one class (not including books I read for book club) on top of math stuff. But, I'm that much closer to being done with my Bachelors of Science in Management. Then I'm sure I'll find myself doing more school for another degree, but who really knows. I just hate I took so long to finish every thing up. I guess doing things out of order are definitely my style though, so no complaints. Only positive vibes and staying focused on what is to come instead of what could have been. 

Anyways, after my boring day I needed time out of the house. We all did. So, we tried out a new indoor playground that I've been wanting to go to, Digiloo. It was huge and extremely overwhelming. I may take Caleb back, but I'm not sure I'll venture out solo with Madison. She was non-stop. She had fun running around and sliding though, but she runs away...quick!

Caleb playing with a gun/canyon that you load up with foam balls then shoot out. 

We then came home and FaceTimed Rhonda (aka Nana). We caught up, enjoyed some sunshine (in FL via FT) and laughed at the kids. While we were eating dinner (Madison had already finished) Madison was playing on Daniel's iPad and ended up FaceTiming his brother, Jason. So, they got to catch up for a bit. 

Bath and bedtime came and passed with jibber jabbers, great stories and prayers, and all that fun stuff. 

Enjoy your Saturday! 

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