Friday, January 30, 2015

Day 30: Bye, Bye Pappy

This morning started out with Madison losing her pacifier (pappy). I walked in to get her and she was standing up asking for it. I told her I couldn't find it, but knew today was the day to toss it since it was already lost. 

I found it later on and trashed it, and she did okay overall. She only uses it in her crib so I knew bedtimes would be harder. Naptime was a little harder than I had hoped for, but bedtime was great. She didn't even ask for it, which was huge! 

Caleb came home from school upset. He left his jacket at school on Wednesday (outside) and still cannot locate it. He also lost his beanie that he took today. So, 500 more points are back on the board!! He's grounded from all electronics until he earns more points. It's frustrating and I have no idea what to do at this point. So, we'll keep trying the point system. 

I think I'm getting another round of allergy crap because my head has been killing me lately. Hopefully it'll stop there and I'll be just fine tomorrow. 

Daniel had a good day at work and we're looking forward to a chili cook-off tomorrow. 

Please continue to pray for my aunt. She's still having tests done and has a long road ahead of her in recovery. 

Goodnight all. 
Playing with blocks this morning. 

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