Saturday, January 24, 2015

Day 24: Airplane and Train Fun

We were able to sleep in a little bit this morning and came down to Caleb working towards more points. He was in the office writing letters, and I assure you, he despised every minute of it. 

He began earning points yesterday once he got home from school. Without being prompted, he began looking at what he could do. It took a full day for him to get to that point, but he got there!

During the day he tallied up each set of points. Finally, he hit the magic number! He even went over it!

Daniel and I were relieved because we had travel plans later that day. We hoped he would earn his points before we left so he would get his iPad back. He did! 

We planned a trip a little while ago to Garmisch, Germany. We will hopefully be skiing at some point during this trip, so we were excited to get on with the day. 

Airport and airplane fun...
Thankfully the plane only had 37 passengers so we were each able to get our own seat away from everyone else!! That made the flight the best I've ever had!
Not sure why Caleb is so excited here...
We had to fly above the clouds in order to see some of the sun. Beautiful sunset. 

This is how we fly, folks. 
Some passengers are lucky enough to close their eyes and doze off. Unfortunately, I'm rarely one of those "lucky ones." 
This little one is hilarious. She did great overall. She watched movies, played with the iPad, and loved on her flamingo, "Nancy." 

Once we arrived at the airport we had to find the train's ticket counter. We found it, and quickly learned they were closed. Thankfully there was a kiosk and a guy to help manage it. Caleb said he looked like Obama, lol.
Train ticket kiosk. 
Outside of the airport. It was pretty cool. It was open yet covered like a dome (think Football arena). 
Outside again. 
Coolest. Thing. Ever. This is an "ordering kiosk" at McDonald's. We were able to place our order in English and pay with a card. Zero interaction with staff (until we picked up the food). Hallelujah! 

We then boarded our first train, stayed on for about 45 minutes, then boarded the second train where we spent an hour and a half. Fun. Times. 
First train.
Second train. 
The train stops listed on the train table. 

Once we arrived, we had to take a cab a few miles to the resort. We finally made it to our lodge. Hopefully, one of us will enjoy the snow tomorrow while the other enjoys the pool. 
"Caution wet floor" I assume. 
The lodge at night. 

Now that we are here Maddie is "attempting" to go to sleep. She's jumping around in her crib so it's going to be a long night. 

Although we are here, a member of my family is going through quite a bit right now. Please keep a that member in your thoughts and prayers. It's not my place to release details or discuss what's going on, but please say an unspoken prayer request for this matter. Thanks in advance. 

Goodnight all. Much love. 

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