Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 6: Playing Catch-up

Today was a Polish holiday so Madison and I slept in while Daniel was at work. He didn't get the day off, but got to come home early. 

Caleb came home around lunch time and told me all about his morning with his delicious waffles and eggs. This kid! He had a great time with his friends but admitted he was tired since he didn't go to sleep until 3 AM. 

Because he has school tomorrow and swimming too, he went ahead and got his clothes and stuff together. Seems like a small thing but this small task takes him FOREVER. 

After we finished playing catch up with chores and things around the house we visited some friends and played a few games. We got to enjoy a different version of the Catan game we recently learned, and we also played a few rounds of Spades. Lots of fun. 

We came home, ate dinner, took baths and then cleaned up more toys. Madison likes chaos so she keeps us on our toes. After all of that fun Madison cuddled up with me while I read her a book. She was so sweet. 

Then the real fun began. Daniel and I made a list of meals that we plan to stick to over the next week. The meals include tons of protein so we'll see!! I'll keep you all posted! Less coffee is never a good thing but I have to do something to start feeling better. 

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday! 

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